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Agricultural greenhouses wisdom

    Wisdom agriculture park, widespread production of powerful, leisure and ecological function is not enough, difficult to realize the human and the nature harmonious and coordinated development of economic and social benefits. State "company according to customer demand, regional geomorphic characteristics of unified planning and design of park and provide customized overall solutions, including irrigation and drainage facilities, the field distribution and agricultural technical services.

    Wisdom farm there are different types, in addition to the agricultural production, can also be combined with leisure, develop green agriculture to sightseeing agriculture, leisure agriculture, holiday tourism agriculture and other modern new forms of agriculture. Farm in pursuit of wisdom will be combined with "agriculture" and "tourism", strengthening the recreational function, make the agricultural park to the development of leisure agriculture, the agricultural production, agricultural life and ecological environment is an organic whole to develop tourism and leisure, formation of popular science, production, sale, processing, ornamental, entertainment, holiday is a comprehensive agricultural park.