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Guangdong provincial party committee, deputy secretary of shenzhen municipal party committee
Release date:[2016-04-01] Read:2902

On December 12th, by the shenzhen big agriculture group co., LTD., jiangsu raw agricultural research institute hosted by the China new rural development BBS and subject research results on held in nanjing in 2016. Meeting with China's new rural development as the theme, invited the government department of agriculture and agricultural sector leaders research experts and scholars gathered in nanjing and so on more than 50 people, together to listen to big raw agricultural research institute was set up in a week to each subject research report.

  SheKeLian former party secretary of jiangsu province, vice chairman, standing committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), jiangsu province, jiangsu province regional development research association, honorary President of the big raw agricultural research institute of Zhang Haohan presided over the BBS, shenzhen big raw agricultural group co., LTD., chairman of LanHuaSheng for this BBS, speech and the strategy of large group are introduced.

  Zhang Haohan secretary, said big raw agricultural research institute set up a week of years, has always been to "three rural" development frontier for research, by a large raw agricultural group's development as the goal, for enterprise development to provide comprehensive, high-level policy consultation and top design. Large group of target and mission is to do country, the national enterprise, to undertake the social responsibility of promoting the development of Chinese agricultural modernization. Big raw agricultural research institute is also in line with this tenet, for nanjing, for jiangsu, for countries to establish a frontier to explore China's agricultural development, contribute to national agricultural strategy and policy research.

  To industrial investment behavior target, through the industry investment, channel integration, global procurement and financial service four-wheel drive the overall development strategy, use science and technology and financial power to drive the transformation of China's agricultural development, and explore the development of Chinese modern agriculture new mode and new path, and eventually to achieve high efficiency, safety and sustainable development of modern agriculture. He fully affirmed the jiangsu raw research institute was set up in a week to work, hope that through this BBS and research on, can contribute to the transformation of China's modern agriculture development, and at the same time for the big raw agricultural development in the future.